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      ABOUT US


      Ningbo Collins Plastics Technology Co Ltd.

      Address:NO.55,Heng'an Road,Fangqiao Industial Park,Fenghua City,Zhejiang Province



      E-Mail: lbrubber@163.com

      Website: www.dsk-kenkou.com


      ABOUT US

      Ningbo Collins Plastics Technology Co Ltd..is a professional engaged in rubber application technology research, development and production of science and technology enterprises. The company has perfect quality management system, has been in April 2007 passed the ISO9001 quality system certification.

      Company technical force is abundant, has the strong ability of research and development, with the complete testing instruments and processing equipment, and has a high efficient technical team, the main products of fluorine rubber and hydrogenated nitrile rubber research enjoys a high reputation in the domestic.  

      Mixing rubber at present, the company products are fluorine rubber, hydrogenated nitrile rubber, NBR, epdm rubber, polyurethane rubber, the fluorine silicon rubber, chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber mixing rubber, and other special and universal basic can meet the different needs of customers.

      Our philosophy: stronger, doing fine, do, do.

      Our tenet: communication, mutual trust, cooperation and win-win situation.

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